Mix and match furniture of oak, pine and ash

Published: 24th September 2010
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Furniture is made from many different kinds of woods and every wood has its own specialty or uniqueness. The choice of wood is totally dependent on the individuals taste. The use of oak, pine or ash has been in use since a very long time and all the three have found equal patronage.

Pine is a softer wood and is easier to work with. It is easier to cut and a carpenter need not spend lot of time. Maintenance of pine furniture is not difficult. The knotty finish of the wood is complimented by a clear finish or just by varnish. Intricate carving can not be done on pine wood furniture. The smooth surface allows any kind of stain or paint to be applied easily. With age the appeal of the pine furniture increases as it accumulates rich patina. Pine furniture is not as expensive as the oak furniture. Furniture made of pine is mass produced so they tend to cost less. The pine wood trees grow at one third the time it takes for the other trees so there is little damage done to the environment by using the pine wood. Pine chests of ivory finish or the bedside drawer with crisp whites and dark colored handles are some of the contemporary pieces found in pine wood other than the tables and beds. Reclaimed pine furniture is found all over the furniture stores.

Oak is a harder wood which makes it strong and durable. High quality furniture is made from oak wood. It has a very strong visual appeal. Oak furniture can endure lot of abuse over a long period of time. As the wood is hard it does not gets scratched and leaves it shining over long periods of time. With very little care furniture of oak can last for decades. Oak furniture can fit into a décor of any style. It has a natural grace with deep luster and natural brown finish. Oak furniture can be found for all the rooms of the house. All types of articles starting from the breakfast table to the bed can be a part of the house. Oak veneer tables with highly polished granite tops are a good choice for a breakfast table. The day begins in style. Beds wardrobes of oak have a unique beauty.

Ash is a type of hard wood suitable for making furniture as it is highly durable and has a very natural sheen. It adds elegance and style to any house. Often ash furniture has a collection of chest of drawers, wardrobes or cabinets. Tables and chairs of ash wood have started to be manufactured. Ash furniture with its natural look makes it suitable for every kind of décor. Mirror frames, Strong trunks, coffee tables, beds of all sizes, chest, chairs or a buffet and side board are some of the articles found in ash wood.

A new kind of look can be experimented with a balanced combination of all the kinds of woods, harder wood for rough use and lighter wood for others as this wood also keep the cost of furniture in control.

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