Tracing Oak furniture history

Published: 26th April 2010
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In ancient time, European lived inside the forests which are mostly covered by oak trees. This is the reason why ancient European used oak woods in making their life tools. In addition, they didn’t have much chance to travel around, so they use easier material to find in making their own furniture.

As time passes, old times European still use oak woods as main materials of their furniture. It’s because oak woods commonly grew surrounded them. Lack of modern transportation also made them difficult to travel further, so they developed many kinds of oak furniture as the easiest wood they found.

In old times, furniture was made purely for function. Its design was simple and fulfills main function as a life tool. For example; they made an armchair with 3 benches and put a seat on the benches. It’s roughly hewn and unpolished.

When society classified themselves into vertical classes into high-class, middle-up class, and lower-class society, the needs of more functions-furniture increased. They didn’t use the table only to put some things on it, but also needs table which has more safety storage to put other things. As many women and men achieve higher education, the needs of esthetical oak furniture arose. People not only expect oak furniture in functions, but also beautiful table with decorations. They need one package of luxury and functions in one package.

British and Americans use oak tree a main material to build their houses. The principles of strength and affection of oak tree put oak wood a high value in making their houses and furniture. most of british house use the big trunk part of oak tree as a timber foundations, and use carved oak drawer and oak bed as their furniture. It cost considerable money, but it takes long life used

Nowadays, oak furniture becomes high price furniture since oak give customer long life users. They put simple design and texture a high value factors so that it becomes so expensive. It is become rare when somebody try to find pure oak furniture.

Oak furniture isn’t only about their perfect design and complicated esthetical value. It is also about the originality of the materials. Since oak woods getting rare, much furniture mix the material of oak woods with another type of woods like cherry woods or pine woods. His is a reasons why many oak furniture has more complicated decorations, since the maker use the woods that easier to carved.

How can we recognize the real oak furniture’s with the fake one? Since oak tree has open pored trunk, straight grains and fine lines textures which is sparkling in the sunlight. It’s also difficult to carve because oak tree has strong wood and can be bent with steam. So, we can say that oak furniture has natural decorations.

About: Nowadays there are reports of oak furniture, oak tree declination surround England forest and Western Europe. Some case happens because many young oak trees died because of germs and bugs. Global warming issue make some type of oak growth abnormal that make some types of oaks easily suffered with disease.
It needs extra attention from all the people since we still need oak tree to balance the environment.

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